Rachael Heslop

Hello, I’m Rachael and my coaching style is to both support clients get the best out of themselves and also live a purposeful and balanced life. I am a qualified health and wellness coach (Wellness Coaching Australia), and a member of the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association.  To define Health Coaches: we are expert facilitators of sustainable change in mindset and behaviours.

Through being coached myself and coaching others I have seen incredible results.  Supporting clients to be confident, fulfilled and connected is my goal.    My coaching style guides to the outcome of your choice, we work together to achieve a result.  You are fully supported throughout the journey and after.

Modern day disconnection particularly during this current pandemic and feelings of being overwhelmed are important issues of the 21st century. Being a good role model for our children, building our self confidence, creating connections, managing our life/work balance are all daily challenges we face.


We shouldn't feel guilty for wanting to care and prioritise our own mental health and wellness. These are areas I am passionate about.   Earlier in my career I worked in an Investment Bank in London which was as rewarding as it was demanding, this is where I began to realise that one has to have balance or we will lose perspective on our lives as we burn out, become unwell or lose touch with friends and family who are important for connection and fun.

I enjoy my volunteer work at Wesley Mission where I can make a real difference to peoples lives and I encourage my clients to help others through little gestures any way they can.  A simple smile can brighten anyones' day.  Community and connection is vital for our health and wellbeing