Rachael Heslop

We know we 'need to' make healthy lifestyle changes to support our bodies and minds, but the 'how to' is difficult.  Or if you do begin with a change, 'how' do you maintain the change for long enough to make it part of your lifestyle, make it a habit.

A health coach helps  you excel at your health and lifestyle: supporting  you  to actively maintain your health and wellness goals.

Early in my career I worked in an Investment Bank in London which was as rewarding as it was demanding, this is where I began to realise that one has to have balance or we will lose perspective on our lives as we burn out.

Later, back in Australia I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease then Type 1 Diabetes after my children were born. Once again I struggled with anxiety and stress.  After training to become a Health and Wellness Coach I now have the tools to manage the demands of life through increased self awareness and using the positive psychology and coaching skills I have learnt.

Modern day disconnection particularly around this current pandemic, anxiety and not being sure about where you are headed in life can feel overwhelming.   Having a clear path with small, manageable goals will have an immediate positive effect.  

As your coach, my role is to both facilitate and support your goals as well as identify any barriers hindering you from achieving your desired results.  

We work together to affect change and set you up for success.

I am a qualified health and wellness coach (Wellness Coaching Australia), and a member of the Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association.