If we choose to stay the same, then we will stay the same.

Rachael Scott Sage Coach is a health & wellness coaching service. 

Supporting busy men and women in their 40's and beyond navigate life's challenges. 

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Is Coaching for you?

Do you feel like your life is on repeat, day in day out?
Do you feel that you are perpetually stressed and overwhelmed?
Perhaps you are not sure what the next chapter in life will be or even what it is you actually desire. 


Then yes, coaching is for you.

Sage Coach will bring clarity to your life by using coaching and positive psychology tools which provide you with a fresh perspective.  Your life will change for the better through behavioural change.

Sage Coach supports stressed women over 40 redefine their life so they are ready for the next chapter.

Rachael helped me to keep accountable and focussed while showing myself grace during the lull of my twenties.  I still think about goal setting using the methods I learnt. 


social worker, 23

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